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Win Gain International Trading Co. Ltd. has been developed its business since 1995, a company specializing in providing a wide range of quality assured, traceable raw material ingredients from all over the world, including America, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan, etc. ranging from nutraceutical supplement, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. We endeavor to provide a comprehensive service-orientated package to our customers, ranging from providing new raw materials and developing new product formulation. We carefully select those suppliers are able to meet our stringent quality and service requirements and only align ourselves with top quality service contractors are capable of performing to our exacting standards.

Cordyceps Sinensis Fruitbody

The first document concerning Cordyceps sinensis was written in AD620 during the Tang Dynasty. For thousands of years the only descriptions of cordyceps were those of the ancient Chinese who alluded to the existence of a strange organism with the amazing ability to transform itself into a plant and then back again into an animal. For all anyone knew, the plant was purely mythical. But following the more recent scientific interest in cordyceps by China’s scientific community , we now know a great deal about the use of the mushroom and what the ancient herbal texts had to say.

Cordyceps sinensis, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine. Recent scientific advances have literally brought the mushroom down from the mountains. Using cell-culture technology, researchers have found a way to grow cordyceps commercially without the rare caterpillars. It has been discovered that the medicinal properties of cultured fruitbody are equally effective as those of cordyceps mushrooms found in the wild. In fact, given the right nutrients, environment, and other conditions, the cordyceps fruitbody has virtually more biological activity than the wild from of the mushroom.


Mangosteen fruit is considered to be the richest source of xanthones, a group of polyphenolic antioxidants with amazing health benefits. Mangosteen is a unique antioxidant:

.Just pure mangosteen extract (100%). No added diluents.

.Better than drinking mangosteen juice.

 (1)Less expensive, but with all the benefits of drinking mangosteen juice.

 (2)Higher concentration of mangosteen xanthones.

 (3)No added sugar or other juice powders. Many mangosteen juice products contain added sugar and other fruit juices.

.Extract is standardized via HPLC to 50% xanthones (40% of these are alpha mangostin). Predominantly from the xanthone-rich pericarp (rind).

.The extract may contain other mangosteen constituents not yet characterized, such as proanthocyanidins, prodelphinidin, gallic acid, catechins and their oligomers.
Ingredients Description
Fucoidan Japan patented.
Extracted only from Okinawa Mozuku.
Olive Polyphenol Made from a unique, proprietary process. Extracted only from 100% organic olives.
Peptide CollagenProduced from the fish scale.
Over 95% absorbency.
DNA is extracted from salmon roe, which contains more than 40% of DNA. RNA is extracted from brewer’s yeast, which contains more than 50% RNA.
Seametaherbline®Extracted from Japan Ecklonia stolonifera.
Hyaluro Collagen
Hyalurocollagen is HA and collagen which is fragmented to become water soluble.
US patented.
Extracted oleoresin of Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae.
Ginger extractUnique extraction technology.
15% Gingerols.

Functional Ingredients List

For more of other functional ingredients, please feel free to contact us.

Germany Wolting food supplements Drink (Gelee Royal Q 10 tonic, Gelee Royal aktiv drink, Omega3 drink, Vitamin B12 drink)

(1) Import and manufacture from a biggest Germany liquid food supplement manufacturer with the strict international standards such as GMP licence and ISO:9001, 2008.
(2) OEM liquid food supplements.

Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Selenium, Coenzyme Q10, Royal Jelly…etc.

(1) 10ml x 20 bottles
(2) 200ml (Glass bottle)
Reputable scientist in Switzerland formulated the exclusive patented combination of SwissOats A111 and SwissOats A3 (enhanced formulation) following a decade of intensive research. It has a natural synergy in its formulated combination of 3 key ingredients, specially blended comprises of Swiss Oats extract, with Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica) and Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides).

SWISSOATS A3 is cold pressed from a special strain of Oat plant thus giving you a product that is higher in nutrients and quality than extracts pressed from common oat varieties. The plant contains the highest concentration of bioactive compounds when it is just beginning to flower and it is at this time that SWISSOATS A3 is cold pressed to give the highest quality and bioactive extracts.

The unique method of processing used in SWISSOATS A3 ensures preservation of key compounds in a living state with highest nutrient levels and the best quality extract. The special packaging using the latest technology preserves the effective compounds alive for up to 3 years.

More information.

SwissOats A3

Oralmat Drops 10ml

Oralmat Drops Solution is a product based on an activated extract Rye sprouts, Secale Cereale, grown from Biodynamic Rye grain. The young Rye plants are harvested at the peak of their nutrient collection process while the Rye grass is green and the extract is made utilizing a special process, which concentrates and preserves the valuable nutrients of the young Rye plant. The synergistic balance of these nutrients creates a product. The Rye plant is rich in certain chemicals such as phytoestrogens, genistein, matairesinol, coenzyme Q10, squalene, sterols, sterolins and beta 1-3 glucan. Used together, these elements are the synergists described above which create changes in the biochemistry of the body.
Package: 10ml


(1) Original Product

(2) Made from natural herbal extracts

(3) Reduce and Relieve Snoring

(4) Safe.Easy.Effective

(5) Homeopathic‧Clinically proven

YSNORE Nasal Spray

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